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What is a Local Group?

Local groups are Church hosted groups. These are groups that are held at the church or a location nearby the church. The groups are usually lead by men or women that have been through Avenue for their own needs, and are passionate to help others as they have been helped and healed.

Some churches collect a small fee for group attendance. Some are supported by your offerings.


What is a Mobile Group?

Mobile groups are Zoom visual meetings or phone groups, and were designed for the many people that don't have a hosted group in their town. It's important to check the group leader's TIME ZONE as well as day and time of meeting. You might find a few Mobile Groups to choose from, so that you can attend a group that best fits your schedule.

Avenue Mobile Groups are provided by Avenue directly. There is a small monthly fee to bring you this resource. Avenue Mobile Groups are facilitated by Certified Trained Avenue Leaders, who first found healing for themselves through an Avenue  group, and are passionate to help you.